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Agaram Hostels

Agaram Hostels

Agaram believes that the hostel experience is necessary for the students to transition from the confines of their poverty stricken rural lives to living in the larger world. It is an important element in enabling the students to flower and emerge as confident individuals. taking charge of their own destinies.

Agaram Foundation has three hostels in Chennai. The Girls Hostel is located on Nelson Manickam Road in Aminjikarai and Roundtana Anna Nagar and the Boys' Hostel in Korattur. There are around 140 students residing in the Girls' Hostel, which is centrally located and so offers ease of commuting to reputed institutions of higher studies like the Women's Christian College, Quaidie•minath college, Queen Mary's College, etc. The Boys' Hostel built on a 2006 sq.ft plot of land at Korattur, houses around 25 students. The building was donated ITV Sankara Vadivu and Mr. Randian, an elderly couple from Vellore in memory of their late grandson Dileep.

There are educational institutions across the state which offers admission for our students and the college fee for the same is borne by the college themselves as a part of their social responsibility, but however the food and accommodation for the children is Agaram's responsibility, this year close to 100 students are admitted across a few colleges and their expenses are being met by the organization.

Each hostel is managed by a warden and an in house cook.

At the hostels, a special bond is forged among the inmates. Students who are good at one subject or another take tutorials for others. They act as support centres for each other, and see each other through the trials of coping with unfamiliar milieus and expectations.

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